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New Construction /Repairs


Commercial General Contractor

Licensed RCT-28224 and Insured


RDW Construction Technologies is proud to be a part of the Metal Building Institute family. All of our team are card caring members as a Quality Assured Craftsman. RDW Construction Technologies, LLC primary goal is: To build a working relationship with the client and our staff in maintaining clients property.

As a building owner or manager you have two possible alternatives when considering the maintenance of your building - you can hire your own repair staff or contract for those services.

In choosing between these alternatives, consider the time element involved. Does building maintenance merit your time and thought or is your time better spent on the many other matters that require your attention?

RDW Construction Technologies understands that the construction industry is a service industry, and that the companies that best serve the client's needs will continue to be successful. RDW Construction Technologies is one of those companies.

RDW Construction Technologies has affiliates in Oregon and Washington call for quotes.

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